Shadow Touched

The Dark Fae Hollows Collection, Hollow 12

One by one, Senka Hollow residents are falling to the shadows.

Agent Maurelle Nez was hand-picked by the Reina to track down the worst of the shadow touched and bring them in - dead or alive - and she's good at her job. So good the shadow touched call her "Reaper." Relle isn't afraid to get her hands dirty in the name of the Hollow and the sleeping princess she adores.

But all is not well in Senka Hollow - Senka's power is fading. When someone close to Relle is murdered, an underground infection is exposed: the council is failing, and more than one person in charge has been shadow-touched.

Then Senka rises and death comes to the Hollow.

Seemingly unaffected by the darkness embodied in Senka, Relle must find a way to restore the princess before she destroys the entire population. Her journey will take her deep into her Navajo heritage and make her question everything she knows about being shadow touched.

Fans of Kim Harrison and Divergent won't want to miss this harsh dystopian with faeries and magick that barrels into a breathless, beautiful conclusion.

Journey through myth and legend with Relle by ordering your copy today!

Note: Shadow Touched is part of the Dark Fae Hollows, a spellbinding shared-world collection. Each book is written by a different author. There are no cliffhangers and each book can be read in any order.
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