Dead Wrong

Do you love my books?
Would you like to be a part of my success in 2018?

I have a REALLY BIG goal this year. I want to see an orange Amazon bestseller tag next to one of my solo titles.

So let me introduce you to Ina Grace Galloway. She's coming this fall in a brand new hilarious southern urban fantasy series.

Death comes for everyone …
Unless you ARE death.

Ina Grace Galloway has spent the past two years apprenticed to the Reaper in charge of Sector 13 - the southern US - taking lives and leading spirits to the great beyond. 

But her training is only half complete when her boss goes missing, leaving her in charge.

Someone is hunting death - and Ina Grace is next on their list.

Can I count on you to purchase my 99 cent release
and help me toward this goal?

All you have to do to pledge your support is fill in your name and email below, and I'll email you with a purchase link when the time comes. :)


Yes! I want to purchase Dead wrong!

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