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By Heather 20 Oct, 2017
Read the original post here Nobody knows how to tell you about the passage of healing. Sure, we can throw out platitudes about ‘time heals all wounds’ or some shit, but healing isn’t this perfect Utopia in which years pass and the pain disappears, never to be seen again. Healing means going days, even weeks, […]
By Heather 22 Sep, 2017
Heather Marie Adkins Earlier this year, I took a full time position working in the public relations and marketing department of a public library. And I love it! I work on a vast majority of the library’s graphic designs, as well as maintaining the website, the monthly bulletin, and various other marketing projects we run, […]
By Heather 20 Sep, 2017
My mother. She was a police officer all my life – so you’re talking 30 years in a male-dominated career. And she excelled at it. She spent the last seven years of her career as a Major – the highest rank you can reach without being elected into position. She’s used her weapon in the […]
By Heather 18 Sep, 2017
I think in some form or fashion, ALL women have the capacity bad-asses. We get up every day and show up, looking that fickle witch called Life straight in the eyes, unblinking. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, even after it’s been shattered time and time again. But that doesn’t stop us – we […]
By Heather 05 Mar, 2017
Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo Haunted by Magic Diaries: Real life unexplainable events from the authors. “I’ve had a lot, actually. Let’s go with the one that holds the most meaning to me. In 2008, my cousin – a United States Marine – died in a horrific car accident off-base. He […]
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