Articles I've Written

Witchy Wanderings

I did these little witchy “newsletters” when I had a LOT more time on my hands. They’re quite amateurish, but charming.

Mabon, September 2010

Samhain, October 2010

Imbolc, February 2011

Ostara, March 2011

Posts about LIFE

Anything and everything about life, love, and the pursuit of not going crazy.

I Am the Daughter of A Suicide

Finding Happiness


The Ache of Being a Witch

Heather’s Nine Circles of Hell

A Message to My Readers

Gender and Friendship

The Grammar I Know

Ask & Tell—Finally

911 & Losing Innocence

Why I Love Country Music

Brides For Sale

Matriarchy vs Patriarchy

Women and Witch Burnings

Marian Keyes and Irrational Women


I like to take recipes off the internet and mold them to my own evil means. Usually they’re delicious. Sometimes they’re not. I promise to only post good ones here. Or do I… (mwahaha)

Spicy Chicken Soup

Caramel Icing

Bean Quesadillas

Baked Chicken

Biscuit Mini Pizzas

Chicken and Dumplings


My heart and soul belong in Ireland, while my body is stuck in the States.

Contemplating Killarney

The Ferryman Video

Craving Kinsale

Whiskey in the Jar Video

Considering Cork, Cahir, & Cashel

The Wild Rover Video

Deliberating Dublin

Ireland: The Final Days

Ireland: Day 15-16

Ireland: Dingle

Ireland: Day something or other

Ireland: Killarney

Ireland: Day 9

Ireland: Day 8

Ireland: Day 7

Ireland: Day 6 Train Ride

Ireland: Day 6

Ireland: Day 5

Ireland: Day 4

Ireland: Day 3, Part 2

Ireland: Day 3, Part 1

Ireland: Day 2

Ireland: Day 1