Vale Avari is my most beloved character. She’s fun, she’s snarky, and she’s a witch—a lot like me. Except, I can’t move things with my mind or bench press vehicles, no matter how hard I try…


Book One

Vale Avari has a mysterious past and a laundry list of super-powers, but that’s nothing compared to what she finds upon moving from small town U.S.A to even smaller-town England.

A chance dart throw lands her in Quicksilver, an off-the-map place with a big problem — people are dying, and word is, it’s supernatural.

At her new place of employment, a temple dedicated to the ancient Mother Goddess, Vale learns something even more shocking — women guards are disappearing at an alarmingly patterned rate; women who possess special gifts like her own.

Supernatural powers aside, Vale isn’t ready to believe in the Wild Hunt as the culprit, and she’s determined to prove the deaths are acts of human violence.

Plagued by a brute with a history of domestic violence and lusting after a dark-eyed man with a secret, Vale has a limited amount of time to discover the killer before he strikes again. In the process, she’ll learn things aren’t always what they seem and the supernatural might not be so extraordinary after all.

The Hunt could ride for her.

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Book Two

Things are settling down for Vale Avari six months after she helped save Quicksilver from the terror of the Wild Hunt. She and Brett have moved in together, and she’s carrying around a baby who apparently likes kickboxing, all while getting used to her new position at the temple.

When a co-worker suddenly falls sick, Vale’s boss thinks she’s the only one with magickal powers strong enough to save Lorna, whose inexperienced foray into astral traveling has trapped her inside her body with several other spirits.

But the spirits don’t want to give up their new body, and they don’t care who they hurt in the effort to keep it—especially when Vale comes to clean them out.




Book Three

Vale is trying to balance all the aspects of her life: work, relationships, magick, and motherhood, but she can’t seem to find solid ground. She’s fighting with Brett, cast adrift without her job, and thinks there’s something supernatural about her daughter.

And then one morning, her daughter is gone. In her crib is a message in runestones: Come alone, signed Loki.

In order to cross to the world of the Norse deities, Vale must die.

Without question, she would do anything for her little girl.



Projected and TBD: The Tarot (Book Four), The Teacher (Book Five)