My Book of Shadows

I LOVE to write spells, and I want to share them with you! Some links will also just hold a bit of witchy feeling, while others may be quarter callings or spells. Please feel free to use any, but do give credit where credit is due (AKA me!) I’ll update this page often as I add more content to my blog.

So you wanna be a witch?

Articles NOT by me that I highly recommend!

Jason Mankey—Ask A Pagan

Quarter Callings



Litha and Me

Gods and Goddesses

Seshat, Egyptian Goddess of Writing


I’m A Witch—Affirmations

Music In Ritual

A Blog Blessing

Certain Times in Life: When I Knew I Was A Witch

I Remember Now: Moments That Remind Me Why I’m A Witch

Favorite Quotes from Starhawk’s The Spiral Dance

Tarot Training

Notes on my journey into the Tarot. My deck is the effervescently beautiful Scapini Tarot.

Tarot Training: Basic Information

Minor Arcana: The Basics

Minor Arcana: Suit of Coins

Minor Arcana: Suit of Swords

Minor Arcana: Suit of Cups

Minor Arcana: Suit of Wands

Minor Arcana: Suit of Coins

Major Arcana #1: The Fool

Major Arcana #2: The Popess/Priestess

Major Arcana #3: The Empress

Major Arcana #4: The Emperor

Major Arcana #5: The Pope/Heirophant/High Priest

Major Arcana #6: The Lovers

Major Arcana #7: The Chariot

Major Arcana #8: Justice

Major Arcana #9: The Hermit

Major Arcana #10: Wheel of Fortune

Major Arcana #11: Force/Strength

Major Arcana #12: The Hanged Man

Major Arcana #13: Death

Major Arcana #14: Temperance

Major Arcana #15: The Devil

Major Arcana #16: The Falling Tower

Major Arcana #17: The Star

Major Arcana #18: The Moon

Major Arcana #19: The Sun

Major Arcana #20: Judgment

Major Arcana #21: The World